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Items from suspected Ashland serial killer for sale on ‘murderabilia’ website

ASHLAND, Ohio– Tracings of suspected serial killer Shawn Grate’s hands are listed on the “murderabilia” website Serial Killers Ink.

Grate was arrested after a woman called police from a house on Covert Court in Ashland on Sept. 13. The victim said Grate held her captive. After she was rescued, investigators began discovering bodies.

The 40-year-old is accused of killing four women and faces more than 23 counts, including murder, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Authorities said he confessed to the crimes. His trial is scheduled to start on Nov. 6, 2017.

Two tracings of Grate’s hands appear on the Serial Killers Ink for $50 each. Both are listed as out of stock.

“Signed in full with Christian childrens prayer at the top of the page and Christian inspirational words on each of the five fingers. Five is a reocurring theme in many of Grate’s items as it represents the five victims attributed to him. The

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BTK letters from prison sold on serial killer true crime collectible website – KSN

WICHITA, Kansas – Most people want to move on with their lives when it comes to the name Dennis Rader, but a website is bringing back memories of the case.

It’s selling letters Rader recently sent from the El Dorado Correctional Facility.

KSN reached out to the website selling his letters.

The owner of the website called “Dark Vomit, True Crime” says he has an interest in reading about serial killers. So he posted several letters from Rader in prison for sale online. The prices vary, but the most cost up to $300. We wanted to know if Rader himself can make any profit off of this sale. The website owner tells us no.

He says he has not had any communication with Rader himself, and none of the money would go to Rader. He says he got the letters from someone who was writing to Rader in prison.

We reached out to the Department of

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Serial killer Anthony Sowell’s artwork back on ‘murderabilia’ website

anthony sowell.jpgAnthony Sowell

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A drawing showing 11 tombstones and credited to Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell is for sale again — after disappearing from a website that peddles so-called “murderabilia.”

A letter posted along with the pencil drawing on serialkillersink.net states that the condemned inmate will continue sending artwork to the website, but contends he does not profit from sales.

“Frist [sic] let me say that I give out artwork to you and others all the time,” the letter states. “I’m not breaking any laws and I will keep on sending out letters, artwork, and photo’s [sic]. I’m not being paid for them, they have nothing to do with my case and what ever people do with them is up to them.”

The letter, addressed to Serial Killers Ink owner

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