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Florida woman accused of stealing thousands in theme park tchotchkes


A 32-year-old Florida woman had a court appearance last week after perusing the Kwik-E-Mart in Universal Studio’s Simpsons land on her motorized scooter and allegedly swiping more than $3,500 in memorabilia from the amusement park in March, according to a police report.

Among the allegedly stolen stash? A green Bart Simpson T-shirt; $24 worth of Simpson family charms with $24 in charm bracelets to match; a $50 Homer Simpson hoodie; a Bart Simpson pin; a Simpson’s family pin set and a Simpson’s family lanyard, according to the report.

In total, the woman – Christal Merheb – nearly made away with about 200 souvenirs without paying for them. The tchotchkes were returned to Universal Studios employees after Merheb was arrested, according to the report.

Creepy or collectible? Why people spend thousands of dollars to buy celebrities’ hair.

A U.S. auction house sold this clipping of John Lennon’s hair for $35,000. (Reuters/Heritage Auctions)

The haircut was like any other. John Lennon was preparing for his role as Gripweed in the film “How I Won the War.” The performance was unmemorable. So too was the coif. But on Saturday, nearly 50 years after it was chopped from his head, Lennon’s lock of hair sold for $35,000.

The clipping garnered triple the amount Dallas auctioneers expected it to sell for. And not because some crazed Lennon fangirl really wanted the lock for her “Hey Arnold!”-like shrine. The hair was in high demand by professional hair collectors — because that is an actual business. From George Washington to Justin Bieber, tresses of the famous are bought, sold and showboated across the country.

The $35,000 Lennon hairs. (AFP Photo/Courtesy Heritage

Read more at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2016/02/21/creepy-or-collectible-why-people-spend-thousands-of-dollars-to-buy-celebrities-hair/