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How Ian Brady cried when his pet spaniel died

Dr Alan Keightley was head of religious studies at a West Midlands sixth-form college when he began writing to Ian Brady in 1992 at the suggestion of the mother of his youngest victim, Lesley Ann Downey. For years, he visited Brady in prison every month, spoke to him on the phone every day and received hundreds of letters from him.

Dr Keightley built up a detailed archive of material he has now turned into a biography of Brady that provides a disturbing and unique insight into the man himself — and the nature of evil.

More than half a century has gone by since the Moors Murders, yet they hold a fascination that will not go away, despite the passage of time.

They were the flip side of the so-called Swinging Sixties, traumatic events that shattered all sense of safety and decency in society. It is one

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