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Book apparently written by Fort Hood shooter on sale for $1300 – KTRK

A Houston victim of the mass shooting at Fort Hood can’t believe someone would want to profit over pain and loss by selling “murderabilia.”

Dayna Ferguson was among the 32 injured almost seven years ago to the day. She was shot three times, while thirteen people were killed. Perpetrator Major Nidal Hasan is currently on death row.

This week, a “murderabilia” (or crime memorabilia) dealer posted a book allegedly written by Hasan for sale online. It’s really a stack of 51 handwritten pages. The asking price: $1,350.

“I hope no one would spend that kind of money on that,” said Ferguson, a former Army Specialist-turned-yoga instructor who lives in Houston. She says the physical and emotional wounds are still there, and any news of Hasan cuts deep.

“It brings up a lot of emotions for sure. A lot. A lot of emotions,” said Ferguson, who had never heard

Read more at: http://abc13.com/news/book-by-fort-hood-shooter-on-sale-for-$1300/1635520/

Fort Hood Shooter Book on Sale for $1300

KILEEN, Texas—A handwritten book allegedly written by the Fort Hood shooter is on sale for more than $1,300. One of his more than 30 victims told the Houston Chronicle the book is “a shame.”

The 51 page book is on the site True Crime Auction House which sells work created by or related to criminals.  His attorney called the 51-page book a surprise but the True Crime Auction House owner is confident it’s authentic. It is unlikely the he’ll make any money off the book since it’s
illegal for killers to profit off of murder-related memorabilia in the state of Texas. The convicted killer is currently on death row for slaughtering 13 people back in 2009.

Read more at: http://www.twcnews.com/tx/austin/news/2016/11/30/fort-hood-shooter-book-on-sale-for--1-300.html