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Letters of evil child killer Brady bought on ‘dark web’ by macabre collectors

Notorious: Ian Brady

By Aaron Tinney

May 23 2017

Morbid crime obsessives have spent a fortune buying Ian Brady’s possessions and letters from murky websites in the wake of his death, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

A Northern Ireland-based collector of serial killer ‘murderabilia’ said a spike in sales of Brady’s belongings happened hours after news broke of the death of the Moors murderer a week ago.

The collector also revealed some are hunting for the ‘Ian Brady holy grail’ – a letter in which he is believed to pinpoint the spot where he disposed of the body of his fourth victim, 12-year-old Keith Bennett, which still remains undiscovered.

Several of Brady’s letters to his pen-pals and fans are now sold out on so-called ‘murderabilia’ sites which specialise in flogging items that belong to the world’s most notorious serial killers.

One of the sites, named

Read more at: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/letters-of-evil-child-killer-brady-bought-on-dark-web-by-macabre-collectors-35743501.html

BTK letters from prison sold on serial killer true crime collectible website – KSN

WICHITA, Kansas – Most people want to move on with their lives when it comes to the name Dennis Rader, but a website is bringing back memories of the case.

It’s selling letters Rader recently sent from the El Dorado Correctional Facility.

KSN reached out to the website selling his letters.

The owner of the website called “Dark Vomit, True Crime” says he has an interest in reading about serial killers. So he posted several letters from Rader in prison for sale online. The prices vary, but the most cost up to $300. We wanted to know if Rader himself can make any profit off of this sale. The website owner tells us no.

He says he has not had any communication with Rader himself, and none of the money would go to Rader. He says he got the letters from someone who was writing to Rader in prison.

We reached out to the Department of

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