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The Keepers: A murdered nun, amateur detectives, and our fascination with true crime

In November of 1969, a young nun who taught at a prestigious Baltimore school went missing. Sister Cathy Cesnik, 29, was a great favourite of all the students at the Keough school; they were devastated when they got the news. The police launched an investigation, but no leads were forthcoming. Sister Cathy had driven down to a nearby mall to buy an engagement present for a family member at around 8.30 pm. When she didn’t return home even after several hours, her worried roommate — a Sister Russell Phillips — called a priest Cathy was friends with, and after still more time, the police.

Sister Cathy’s car was found, illegally parked about a block from her apartment building. Of Sister Cathy, there was no sign.

A still from The Keepers

A still from The Keepers

Then, two month later, her body was found in a spot that

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Murderabilia: When Does a Fascination With Crime Go Too Far?

Objects collected by murderabilia fans can vary from cars and houses to letters from killers like Charles Manson. Pictured, police escort Manson in 1999.


John Schwenk’s computer room at home is covered in a quilt-like pattern of serial killer artwork. Some drawings depict ghoulish skulls, others portray nature and animals.

Schwenk, 46, cares deeply about the quality of the artwork he has been collecting during the past eight years.

“Every [artist] has a different style,” he says. “The art is an expression of the person and who they really are … It amazes me that so many of these people have a real art talent and could have made something of themselves if they hadn’t committed the crimes they did.”

Schwenk is among what experts estimate to be thousands of collectors of “murderabilia,” or items linked to crimes and criminals.

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