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The Keepers: A murdered nun, amateur detectives, and our fascination with true crime

In November of 1969, a young nun who taught at a prestigious Baltimore school went missing. Sister Cathy Cesnik, 29, was a great favourite of all the students at the Keough school; they were devastated when they got the news. The police launched an investigation, but no leads were forthcoming. Sister Cathy had driven down to a nearby mall to buy an engagement present for a family member at around 8.30 pm. When she didn’t return home even after several hours, her worried roommate — a Sister Russell Phillips — called a priest Cathy was friends with, and after still more time, the police.

Sister Cathy’s car was found, illegally parked about a block from her apartment building. Of Sister Cathy, there was no sign.

A still from The Keepers

A still from The Keepers

Then, two month later, her body was found in a spot that

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