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‘I dated a killer and sold her panties’

Items once owned by serial killers including famed Australian Ivan “The Backpack Killer” Milat are being peddled online by a company that profits from the sales of macabre memorabilia and collectibles.

Eric Holler, formerly known by his “stage name” Eric Gein, told News.com.au that he started his business, Serial Killer Ink, because of a lifelong fascination with some of the most depraved humans to have existed.

The site caters to those with a special interest in the worst of humanity: “necrophiles and cannibals … satanic killers … mass shooters … serial killers.”

Holler typically contacts the killers in prison and requests drawings, hand tracings, hair samples, and personal effects from them. Then he sells the goods online.

John Wayne Gacy original artwork, “Pogo the Clown’Getty Images

He has also acquired some of the items — including convicted murderer

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