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How Two Hilarious Women Turned a Comedy-Murder Podcast Into a Phenomenon

In the early morning hours of August 26th, 1986, Jennifer Levin left Dorrian’s Red Hand, then a favorite watering hole of the underage Upper East Side elite, with Robert Chambers. The well-liked, beautiful Levin was bound for junior college in Boston the following week. But shortly after dawn, her brutally strangled body was found in Central Park. Chambers, 19, would later tell police he’d accidentally killed 18-year-old Levin in self-defense when she’d initiated “rough sex.” Tabloids labelled the slaying the “Preppy Murder,” and romanticized Chambers as a handsome, Kennedy-like figure destined for greatness, while Levin was posthumously slut-shamed. (“How Jennifer Courted Death”, read one Daily News headline.) Chambers’ defense doubled-down on Jennifer’s supposedly promiscuous reputation, subpoenaing the Levin family for their late daughter’s so-called “sex diary,” which never existed – all she had was an appointment notebook. Her killer pled guilty to manslaughter and served 15 years in prison.

Your Next Favorite True-Crime Show is a Comedy

When we tune in to true crime programming—whether it’s a TV series like Making a Murderer or The Jinx or a podcast like Serial or My Favorite Murder—it’s not usually for a laugh. That’s where the new NBC series Trial Error (premiering March 14) comes in. Shot in the style of criminal documentaries like The Staircase, the series follows a New York lawyer (Masters of Sex alum Nicholas D’Agosto) as he takes in a job in an unnamed Southern town defending an oddball (John Lithgow) accused of murdering his wife. And while the stakes for Lithgow’s character are, ahem, deadly serious, the series (which boasts a fine supporting cast including an excellent Sherri Shepherd) approaches the story with awkward, offbeat humor that makes it way more funny than it is fatal.

Here, D’Agosto talks to TC about the series.

This show is funny in a way that feels

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