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Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting

Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting looks in depth at the collectible world of Murderabilia and delves closely into the cultural impact of murderer and serial killer culture in contemporary society. Through interviews with some of the world’s most prolific and notorious murderers and serial killers this book discusses their point of view on serial killer artwork and crafts being freely available in the public domain and the issues that exist between killer, collector and victim. Featuring exclusive interviews with: Dennis Nilsen, Wayne Lo, Ian Brady, Joel Rifkin, Nico Claux and many more. Also including artwork from: John Wayne, Danny Rolling, Ottis Toole, Issei Sagawa, plus lots of images of some of the most unusual crafts and memorabilia affiliated with some of the most infamous killers of our time. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in, Murderabilia, true crime and serial killer culture. “Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting is the definitive book on the subject of Murderabilia and related serial killer culture”.