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‘Battlecast’ turns ‘Skylanders’ into a collectible card game

In battles, you’ll have a 30-card deck containing just three characters and a mix of Spells, Gear and Relics. Each character has basic attack and health stats, and every move will cost you “crystals,” (think Mana). You’ll need to decide which cards to use and when in order to win battles.

Although the basic setup will be familiar to anyone that’s played Hearthstone, Magic or Pokémon Trading Card Game, Battlecast has its own twist: augmented reality. You play via the official application, which will turn the cards into 3D models on your device’s screen.

There are 300 cards in total to choose from, but you’ll need to splash out a lot of money to get close to that figure. They’ll come in Battle Packs (two are available, each priced at $9.99 / £9.99 for 22 cards including three characters) and Booster Packs ($4.99 / £4.99 for a random selection of eight cards).

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Creepy or collectible? Why people spend thousands of dollars to buy celebrities’ hair.

A U.S. auction house sold this clipping of John Lennon’s hair for $35,000. (Reuters/Heritage Auctions)

The haircut was like any other. John Lennon was preparing for his role as Gripweed in the film “How I Won the War.” The performance was unmemorable. So too was the coif. But on Saturday, nearly 50 years after it was chopped from his head, Lennon’s lock of hair sold for $35,000.

The clipping garnered triple the amount Dallas auctioneers expected it to sell for. And not because some crazed Lennon fangirl really wanted the lock for her “Hey Arnold!”-like shrine. The hair was in high demand by professional hair collectors — because that is an actual business. From George Washington to Justin Bieber, tresses of the famous are bought, sold and showboated across the country.

The $35,000 Lennon hairs. (AFP Photo/Courtesy Heritage

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My Shameful Collectible: OJ-Trial Trading Cards

Breaking: The first half of 2016 will henceforth always be known as “O.J.”

Seriously, we’re in a moment. Through June, it will be nearly impossible to keep O.J. Simpson (and the murder, and his days as an athlete, and his rise to Hollywood stardom, and the conspiracies, and the Bronco, and the Kardashians) far from mind. The immediate reason for this: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, the FX mini-series that debuted on February 2 to considerable acclaim. Beyond the subject matter, the original hype was largely due to producer-director Ryan Murphy and his star-studded cast. In the first episode alone, you meet Cuba Gooding Jr., acting almost too naturally as broken man O.J. Simpson; Courtney B. Vance as a pitch-perfect Johnnie Cochran; Sarah Paulson as the chain-smoking Marcia Clark; John Travolta as the comically incompetent Robert Shapiro; and, of course, His Holiness David Schwimmer

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BTK letters from prison sold on serial killer true crime collectible website – KSN

WICHITA, Kansas – Most people want to move on with their lives when it comes to the name Dennis Rader, but a website is bringing back memories of the case.

It’s selling letters Rader recently sent from the El Dorado Correctional Facility.

KSN reached out to the website selling his letters.

The owner of the website called “Dark Vomit, True Crime” says he has an interest in reading about serial killers. So he posted several letters from Rader in prison for sale online. The prices vary, but the most cost up to $300. We wanted to know if Rader himself can make any profit off of this sale. The website owner tells us no.

He says he has not had any communication with Rader himself, and none of the money would go to Rader. He says he got the letters from someone who was writing to Rader in prison.

We reached out to the Department of

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