Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey thief investigation | Longform – MMQB

NFL security officials return to Mexico for a second time, to provide any last-minute assistance before the plan to recover the shirt is executed. They leave before the raid, handing the operation to Mexican authorities.

On the Ortegas’ front door, a decorative letter O hung slightly askew, joined by a cartoon bunny in overalls, carrots dangling from its right hand. When a reporter knocked, there was no answer. A next-door neighbor said she had not seen Ortega in many days (and was promptly scolded by a male companion for talking to the press). Phone calls to Ortega’s home were answered by a housekeeper who promised to relay messages. Ortega did not respond to numerous emails and voicemails.

To those who know him and worked with him, his love of football and the pageantry of the Super Bowl was no secret.

Every year for at least a decade Ortega

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