The problem with true crime stories – by a true crime writer

I finished my newspaper piece, but just couldn’t get ‘Wild Bill’ and his Caribbean house of horrors out of my mind. At the same time, everything that I was discovering about Bocas del Toro pointed to it being a place with a sinister vibe. Some of the expats had gone there to disappear – from the taxman, unpaid debts, the police, or problems with spouses and family. Many lived under assumed names, and Bocas del Toro was also a transit point for drugs heading north from Colombia.

I had been looking for the perfect true story to tell and I knew that this was it.

The first thing you realise – whether your medium is film or the written word – is that there is no rulebook in true crime. In murder cases, courts may be afflicted by the occasional lazy or incompetent defence lawyer, and juries can sometimes have

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