Murderabilia: Inside the weird online market for serial killer artifacts

Eric Holler, like lots of business owners, says his biggest months of the year fall between Halloween and Christmas. But, his wares aren’t your typical stocking stuffers: Holler runs Serial Killers Ink, one of the top sites for what’s known as murderabilia — collectibles owned by real-life mass murderers, from their letters and paintings to their underwear.

“People are getting in the mood for spooky, dark things,” Holler said by phone from his home in Jacksonville, Fla., where he has run Serial Killers Ink since 2009. “But it also has to do with Christmas shopping.”

Gift options for your loved ones this holiday season could include this crude watercolor painting, titled ‘Angelic Rain,’ going for $50 by Teodoro Baez, a Chicago man who murdered and dismembered two people with a Samurai

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