Items from suspected Ashland serial killer for sale on ‘murderabilia’ website

ASHLAND, Ohio– Tracings of suspected serial killer Shawn Grate’s hands are listed on the “murderabilia” website Serial Killers Ink.

Grate was arrested after a woman called police from a house on Covert Court in Ashland on Sept. 13. The victim said Grate held her captive. After she was rescued, investigators began discovering bodies.

The 40-year-old is accused of killing four women and faces more than 23 counts, including murder, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Authorities said he confessed to the crimes. His trial is scheduled to start on Nov. 6, 2017.

Two tracings of Grate’s hands appear on the Serial Killers Ink for $50 each. Both are listed as out of stock.

“Signed in full with Christian childrens prayer at the top of the page and Christian inspirational words on each of the five fingers. Five is a reocurring theme in many of Grate’s items as it represents the five victims attributed to him. The

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