Sale Of Prison Artwork Draws Ire Of Skinner Relatives

But when Walker found out recently that a website is selling artwork created by the Elmira man convicted as the ring leader in those killings, it was like an old wound was ripped open again.

Davide Coggins, 37, is currently serving a 50-year to life sentence at Attica Correctional Facility for his role in the April 2013 murders of Town of Carroll residents Gordon and Joyce Skinner, who were family relations.

Coggins apparently has been painting artwork in prison, and one of his pieces is for sale on a website known as

The idea that anyone, inmates or otherwise, could profit from such a horrific crime is nauseating, Walker said.

“It feels just like another kick in the stomach, that he’s getting away with one more thing. We didn’t even know something like this existed,” she said. “You see things on TV or in the movies but you don’t expect it to be

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