Creepiest Sports Memorabilia Ever? New O.J. Simpson Autograph Signed Just Before Nicole’s Murder

Forensics experts could have a field day trying to determine  if Simpson seemed agitated while signing the boy’s autograph. (Photo by Lelands)

About a week ago the owner of one of the most haunting, if not downright disturbing, pieces of memorabilia in the history of American popular culture opened his safety deposit box to retrieve it. For almost 22 years it had never seen the light of day. He then mailed off his unholy relic to Lelands for an auction this fall.

The extreme rarity is an invitation signed by O.J. Simpson on June 12, 1994 hours before his ex-wife’s murder. The consignor, a boy at the time, had joined Simpson in the audience for a dance recital, featuring, among others, Simpson’s daughter, Sydney, who was eight-years old then.

Simpsonologists regard the dance recital as a key event in the true crime drama .

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