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‘Battlecast’ turns ‘Skylanders’ into a collectible card game

In battles, you’ll have a 30-card deck containing just three characters and a mix of Spells, Gear and Relics. Each character has basic attack and health stats, and every move will cost you “crystals,” (think Mana). You’ll need to decide which cards to use and when in order to win battles.

Although the basic setup will be familiar to anyone that’s played Hearthstone, Magic or Pokémon Trading Card Game, Battlecast has its own twist: augmented reality. You play via the official application, which will turn the cards into 3D models on your device’s screen.

There are 300 cards in total to choose from, but you’ll need to splash out a lot of money to get close to that figure. They’ll come in Battle Packs (two are available, each priced at $9.99 / £9.99 for 22 cards including three characters) and Booster Packs ($4.99 / £4.99 for a random selection of eight cards).

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