Hair of the Night Stalker

Commerce in evil isn’t anything new, of course. Much to the consternation of law enforcement and victims’ families, the trade in serial killer artwork, tchotchkes, locks of hair, and even nail clippings has been a quietly stable business for years. Prior to his 1994 execution, brisk sales of his notorious clown paintings earned John Wayne Gacy, who sexually tortured and murdered at least 33 young men before burying most of them in the crawlspace of his home, a six-figure jail-cell salary. Over at (an emporium of “True Crime Collectibles and Memorabilia”), a brief handwritten note from Ted Bundy to another inmate asking for fruit pies from the prison cafeteria can be yours for a mere $3,900, an X-ray of Charles Manson’s spine can be had for $8,500, a strand of hair from “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez is on sale for the bargain price of $150, and early-20th-century

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