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Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting

Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting looks in depth at the collectible world of Murderabilia and delves closely into the cultural impact of murderer and serial killer culture in contemporary society. Through interviews with some of the world’s most prolific and notorious murderers and serial killers this book discusses their point of view on serial killer artwork and crafts being freely available in the public domain and the issues that exist between killer, collector and victim. Featuring exclusive interviews with: Dennis Nilsen, Wayne Lo, Ian Brady, Joel Rifkin, Nico Claux and many more. Also including artwork from: John Wayne, Danny Rolling, Ottis Toole, Issei Sagawa, plus lots of images of some of the most unusual crafts and memorabilia affiliated with some of the most infamous killers of our time. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in, Murderabilia, true crime and serial killer culture. “Murderabilia and True Crime Collecting is the definitive book on the subject of Murderabilia and related serial killer culture”.

25 vacations every horror buff should take in their lifetime

An enormous tract of open space that covers nearly 22% of New Jersey, the Pine Barrens are a popular spot for outdoor activity. However, the Pine Barrens are also said to be the home of the infamous Jersey Devil, a beast that the Pinelands Preservation Alliance describes as “a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns and a tail.”

According to folklore, it was the 13th child of a woman named Deborah Leeds, who offered it to the devil while pregnant with it in 1735. Upon its birth, the newborn sprouted talons, hooves, and wings, and killed its mother, siblings, and the midwife before disappearing. Sightings persist today, as it continues to terrorize livestock (and humans).

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Documentary: Hobart woman may have fed dismembered lover to neighbors at barbecue, killed up to nine people

TRUE CRIME: The ‘shotgun killer’ who rampaged through The Region, Part II

A courtroom sketch of Christopher Peterson and his attorney from 1991.

(Scroll down to find Part I of this story.)

The search for the shotgun killer ended Jan. 28, 1991, after the botched killing of a restaurant manager outside Southlake Mall landed two men in jail — Antwion McGee and Christopher Dwayne Peterson.

Antwion McGee told police they had the

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BookExpo 2018: Around the Booths


Booth 2421

This press publishes between 12 and 24 titles each year. The list is equally divided between two imprints: September Sky Press, for adult readers, and Melody Press, for children and young adults.


Booth 2207

A publisher of high-quality art and illustrated books, Abrams is also the publisher of children’s and young adult books including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. Its imprints include Abrams Books, Abrams Appleseed, Abrams ComicArts, Abrams Image, Abrams Books for Young Readers, Amulet Books, STC, and Melanie Falick Books.


Booth 1831

This boutique house is an eco-friendly publisher supporting water and ocean stewardship through the Aguacene Fund at Tides Canada Foundation. Current titles, by eco-conscious authors, include the Nemecene series. The press is distributed by National Book Network.

Albert Whitman

Booth 1521

Since 1919 Albert Whitman has been publishing children’s

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Friday essay: the complex, contradictory pleasures of pulp fiction

That Sergeant Peppers album cover roll call of heroes seems a rather quaint exercise now. We’ve still got lists of heroes and anti-heroes but indie culture watchers and streetcorner critics have long since worked their way past the big figures like Elvis, Marilyn, Marlon and so on to people and places further out and further down.

Cinephiles have combed the ranks of B-grade directors, low-rent auteurs and semi-forgotten character actors, working down to low rung schlockmeisters and trash merchants. Age of Rock geeks and music journalists forever trawl through little-played B-sides, obscure old jukebox records, the dusty outputs of small and regional record labels. Likewise, fans and collectors of pulp publishing continue to produce entire new canons and anti-canons of shadow literatures, starting with hardboiled and noir crime, and moving on to every possible sub-form.

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Royal Wedding: These Couples Share a Wedding Date With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

While royal enthusiasts rushed to set their DVRs after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would wed on May 19, couples planning to say “I do” on the same day had a different reaction.

“They really stole our day,” Penelope Yates told InsideEdition.com with a laugh. 

Yates and her fiancé, Andrew Kopping, 31, are among those tying the knot on May 19, when the world over will likely be tuning in to the royal nuptials. 

“You know, our timeline was ahead of Meghan and Harry’s,” Yates added. 

But the couple plans to have fun with the coincidence, and are considering working the royal coincidence into their wedding hashtag.

“I could see how some brides and grooms, when faced with having to ‘share’ their date, would feel put out, but I think it adds to the specialness,” Yates said. “I think they picked a great day and I hope it’s auspicious … we very much feel

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HMMS Hour 1 – Zuckerberg The Frog 5/2/18 | WAAF

In hour 1 of the Hillman morning show LB participates in naked gardening day and we have photos to prove it, there was a fox attack in Burlington MA, mother of the year gets her kiddos drunk, has China gone too far? and Zuckerberg the frog starts a dating service.  

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Extended Shelf Lives: Backlist Backbones 2018

Rock legend Patti Smith’s memoir of her friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids (Ecco, 2010), resonated with critics and book buyers. It nabbed the National Book Award in nonfiction and has sold more than 517,000 copies in hardcover and trade paperback.

Sales have begun to taper in recent years, and in response, Ecco is doing something most publishers do: it’s creating a new opportunity for an older title.

“We wanted to give the book a new life and make it more personal,” says Ecco publisher Daniel Halpern. Smith’s agent, Betsy Lerner, floated the idea of doing a new, more heavily illustrated edition to Ecco.

“Patti keeps a lot of stuff—napkins, photos, all sorts of memorabilia,” Halpern says. “She sent in boxes and boxes of photographs of her and Robert and other material that no one has seen. She’s literally designing every page.”

Just Kids: Illustrated Edition—with a

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Book sale, Batman, fundraisers: Weekend Guide – Springfield News


4th Annual Amazingly ME Self Esteem Conference, 6-8:30 p.m., Veridian Event Center, 309 South Ave. “Amazingly ME” is a pink carpet empowerment experience catered to girls between the ages of 8 to 18. All ages are welcome. A full day of entertainment, speakers, gifts, vendors, refreshments and more. We also will hold a toiletry drive for Harmony House. Feel free to bring items from their wish list. Free. 417-501-1077

“Anything Goes,” 7 p.m., Historic Owens Theater, 205 S. Commercial St., Branson. Music and

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First ‘Halloween’ Trailer Reactions Praise Scares and Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween (2018) Trailer First Reactions

Halloween (2018) debuted its first trailer footage during CinemaCon 2018 today, and needless to say, there was a big reaction from the crowd in attendance. At the time of writing this, we’re still waiting on the official first Halloween trailer to drop, but for now, we have some reactions form those that have seen it, to hold us over.

Read on below for a collection of first reactions to the Halloween (2018) trailer. If you want the long-short of the general consensus, it’s this: